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Online course from Finance Guide

Taxes in Denmark
Fill out your Tax report for 2019

Foreigners in Denmark don't fill out their preliminary tax report (forskudsopgørelse) correctly and risk owing large sums of money to Skat - the Danish tax authority.
You don't fill out your Forskudsopgørelse for 2019 and can risk ending up to owe money to Skat
Tax reports are in Danish and the tax system is different from what you are used to
You don't need to have chaos in your tax papers when you are working hard to integrate in Denmark socially and at the work
Reading Expat forums and Google translating the available information takes much of your free time and does not take you any further, as you still do not feel that you have got it under control.
Instructions that you will get on the course are in English.
As the result of this course, you will fill out your Forskudsopgørelse, preliminary tax report, for 2019.
Finance Guide introducing
Taxes in Denmark
Online course in 7 days
8-15th December 2018
After the course you will
Feel comfortable and secure
with Danish tax system
You will understand how the Danish system is put together and what responsibilities you have with regards to completing your tax papers.
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Get control of your taxes in 2019
The main focus of the course is to get your taxes right in 2019. You will be given all the tools and support so that you can fill out your preliminary tax report for 2019.
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Elena Kabatchenko
Founder of Finance Guide and financial expert
Let's meet. I am Elena Kabachenko, founder of Finance Guide and personal financial mentor for foreigners in Denmark. Master of Finance by education, teacher by vocation. My advice and recommendations are based on my education, personal experience and many years of practice.

How am I different from other consultants and trainers?

✅ Years of experience of consulting foreigners in Denmark have given me a unique insight into their situation. When I consult and teach foreigners, I take into account their origin, level of understanding of local rules and laws with regards to money and different mentality.

✅ I can quickly and competently identify and articulate the needs of my clients and students, point out weaknesses in their financial situation and find the optimal personalised solution.
So what it would be worth to you if...
  • 1
    You were completely in control of your taxes in just seven days from the course start
  • 2
    You filled out your preliminary tax report for 2019 and had the course materials with you at all times so you can do your taxes right again and again..
  • 3
    You had a 100% confidence in your ability to check and correct your taxes, while you are in Denmark
That's the opportunity that I want to introduce to you today
Online Course Program

Course price
8-15th December 2018
✅ Access to all course materials forever

✅ Tax calendar, tax dictionary and overview of main tax deductions delivered to your e-mail

✅ Personal consulting session after the course
DKK 1,000
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  • Client:
    How can I buy the course?
    Finance Guide:
    You can pay for the course by clicking on this link: The payment is through the payment system Stripe, which is reliable and secure.
  • Client:
    For how long time I will have access to the course materials?
    Finance Guide:
    You have access to the course materials forever, incl. the future updates.
  • Client:
    What if I don't like the course after I have bought it?
    Finance Guide:
    Send me an e-mail to within the two days after the course beginning and I will refund your payment.
  • Client:
    What is the course format?
    Finance Guide:
    You will have access to the course materials on the platform and you will be invited to a closed Facebook group together with other participants.
Do you have any questions about the course?

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