Årsopgørelse 2019
Online class
Are you a tax resident in Denmark?

Check yourself:

Do you understand the result of your annual tax return? Are you satisfied with it?

Did you receive all the tax deductions you are entitled to?

Do you know how to correct mistakes and add information in your tax documents?

If you can't answer "YES" to all the questions, then this online class is definitely for you.
The program for the online class
The online class consists of two parts:
1. How to deal with your annual tax return and 2. Special tax cases

Part 1
Danish taxes and annual tax return
  • How to check and correct the information in Årsopgørelse for 2019
    In the first part, you will learn about the tax system in Denmark and the two main tax documents - Årsopgørelse and Forskudsopgørelse.
  • Overview of your account on the tax website
    Learn how to navigate in your account on www.skat.dk.
  • How to check and correct Årsopgørelse
    In the online class, you will learn how you can easily check and, if necessary, correct the information in your annual tax return, Årsopgørelse 2019.
  • Tax deductions in Denmark
    Get a list of the most popular tax deductions in Denmark. You will learn how to calculate and fill out the information about tax deductions in Årsopgørelse.
Part 2
Special tax cases
  • Taxes on investments
    If you invest in stocks, bonds or funds, you need to make sure that you pay right taxes on the profit and/or get the correct tax deductions on the losses.
  • Taxes on rental property
    If you own a property in Denmark or abroad that you are renting out, you most probably need to pay taxes on the rental income. Here we will look into long and short-term rent and corresponding taxes.
  • Taxes if you are self-employed
    If you have registered enkeltmandsvirksomhed in Denmark, you need to report the overall profit, from which taxes are paid.

  • Taxes on the foreign income
    As a tax resident in Denmark, you are liable to pay taxes on the foreign income. Let's learn how to do it correctly.

How to fill out and correct numbers in Forskudsopgørelse (preliminary tax report).
Use this information to report correct taxes for the current year.

Tax documents in English. Is it difficult to understand the information in Danish documents?
You will receive tax documents translated into English (Årsopgørelse and Forskudsopgørelse).
What happens after registration on the online-class on taxes?

1. Immediately after registration, you'll get access to all the materials: The main video about tax system and annual tax return, special tax cases and bonus materials. They will be available on the page after successful payment, and you will also receive them on your email.

2. Watch the video on the annual tax report, go to your account at www.skat.dk and check your documents according to our recommendations.

Your teacher is
Elena Kabatchenko
Founder of Finance Guide and financial expert
Professional experience

2013 - 2020: Consulting and teaching foreigners on the financial matters in Denmark

2014 - 2018: Analyst and Project manager in EKF, the Danish Export Credit Agency

2011 - 2014: Senior analyst in Danske Bank

2008 - 2011: Economist in the Central Bank of Denmark

2006 - 2008: MSc in Finance from Aarhus University, Denmark

2007: Study in Harvard University, USA

2003 - 2006: Bachelor in Economics, Aalborg University, Denmark

Årsopgørelse 2019
"Get your taxes right in Denmark"
The online-class on taxes is available at a special price.

After the registration, you will immediately receive a video lesson on the annual tax return, case study of special tax situations, useful bonus materials for just 500 DKK (the value of these materials is 2,150 DKK)

Having a problem with registration? E-mail us at financeguidedk@gmail.com.
Client reviews of Finance Guide courses
  • Elena Kabatchenko is a professional, I was completely satisfied with her attention and the way she presents the information. I have taken two online courses with Finance Guide Denmark: "How to start investing in securities in Denmark" and "Taxes in Denmark". This complemented the information that I already have gathered myself, and definitely save me a lot more time on researching about these subjects.
    Alberto Martínez
  • I can say with confidence that Elena is a professional in finance, investment and taxation in Denmark. At the consultation session she answered all the questions that interested me and even more. Communication with her was very pleasant and friendly. Thank you so much for that.
    And I want to say a special thanks for the course "Investments in Denmark" It was a very informative and easy to figure it out. Thanks a lot Elena!
    Sergey Shulga
  • I just finished the course on pensions in Denmark. I would recommend this course to every foreigner in this country, also to those who are on a good foot with Danish as I am. My current employer doesn't have a pension plan. The course will give you the knowledge and guidance to make the informed decisions for the optimized results.
    Olga Belorusova
  • Very professional approach and informative content. Participated in Investment web-course, which allowed me to make personal investment decisions and broadened my financial knowledge in general. Highly recommended!!
    Dasha Shingaiter
Having a doubt?
In the video (to your right) Elena talks about what you can expect from this online class on taxes:

I invite you to understand your taxes and get a step closer to a stable financial life in Denmark.

The price for the online class is only 500 DKK
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