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Online course
Investing in securities in Denmark
Foreigners in Denmark learn here how to invest
in shares and investments funds in just 2 weeks
Foreigners in Denmark miss out an income from their savings. They avoid investing, as the lack of language and knowledge of local rules and laws with regards to investments keep them from taking the first step.
You postpone investments and lose money that could be earned for their future or the future of their children
Banks want to help with investments but they offer you their own products, which might not be beneficial to you and expensive
Most of the information available only in Danish and you are not sure if you understand it correctly
Reading Expat forums and Google translating the available information takes much of your free time and does not take you any further, as you still do not feel that you have got it under control.
And you are right. It is better not to invest when you do not understand exactly what to do. I have been in this situation myself and understand that sometimes it is better to avoid the situation that to make expensive mistakes.
Instructions that you will get on the course are in English.
You will build an investment plan for your future and choose the suitable investment products for you.
Finance Guide introducing
Investments in securities in DK
Online course in 2 weeks
Complete A-Z Implementation Plan for Confident Investments in Stocks and Investment Funds in Denmark
After the course you will
Feel comfortable and secure with investing
You will build a plan for your financial future. You will know possibilities and pitfalls of investments in securities. You will invest for the first time in Denmark and be secure about your money as you know how it is protected..
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Be on the same terms as Danes
The knowledge of local rules and laws regarding investments will give you new strength when talking to banks and advisors. You will be able to invest and get returns on your investments on the same level as your Danish friends and colleagues.
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Elena Kabatchenko
Founder of Finance Guide and financial expert
Welcome to my investment course.

Let's meet, I am Elena Kabachenko, founder of Finance Guide, personal finance advisor for foreigners in Denmark. Master of Finance by education, teacher by vocation. Private investor since 2012. My advice and recommendations are based on my education, personal experience and many years of practice.

How I am different from other consultants and trainers?

✔ Years of experience of consulting foreigners in Denmark has given me a unique insight into their situation. When I consult and teach foreigners, I take into account their origin, level of understanding of local laws with regards to money and different mentality.

✔ I can quickly and competently identify and articulate the needs of my clients and students, point out weaknesses in their financial situation and find the optimal personalised solution.

✔ I recommend to clients and students only proven solutions from a practicing investor, not a theorist. All my knowledge is extremely practical, my clients can be sure that I will not experiment on them.

✔ My task is to offer the client several alternatives, providing full information, but the final decision always remains with the client.
So what it would be worth to you if...
  • 1
    In just two weeks from now you were in a possession of an investment plan that will cover all your long-term needs
  • 2
    You could finally set up an automatic transfer to your investment account, where your money are invested in shares or investment funds that you knew were right for you
  • 3
    You had a 100% confidence in your ability to analyse, choose and monitor your investments in securities
That's the opportunity that I want to introduce to you today
Online Course Program

Course price
— Access to all course materials forever
— Templates, documents and guides delivered to your e-mail

DKK 1,000
  • Client:
    How can I buy the course?
    Finance Guide:
    You can pay for the course by clicking on this link: The payment is through the payment system Stripe, which is reliable and secure.
  • Client:
    For how long time I will have access to the course materials?
    Finance Guide:
    You have access to the course materials forever.
  • Client:
    What if I don't like the course after I have bought it?
    Finance Guide:
    Send me an e-mail to within the 24 hours after the course purchase and I will refund your payment.
  • Client:
    What is the course format?
    Finance Guide:
    You will have access to the course materials on the platform and you will be invited to a closed Facebook group together with other participants.
Do you have any questions about the course?

Send me an e-mail on